Saturday, June 29, 2013

Andersen Studio Evolution Diaries

Definition of Taylor Swifting 1 a : fearlessly using one's life experiences in a song, a blog, or whatever.... b :individualism c : a point of view or tenet put forth as in a personalized narrative Farenheit 2013- a contemporary version of Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury in which censorship takes the form of limiting the length of a thought process to fit in the space between a twitter and an elevator pitch

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Preserving The American Political Philosophy: The Chained Consumer Price Index

I am posting this link again since is generally going unnoticed.You may have heard of a global plan, to which some credit President Obama as being a true believer, that the United States should have it's standard of living lowered to make the global distribution of wealth fairer The way I am reading it, being a mere layman, is that the substitute of the Consumer Price Index for the Chained Consumer Price Index, by governments in the United States, is being billed as a more accurate way of measuring the cost of living. However the Consumer Price Index, as I understand it, measured not the cost of living, but the cost of goods and services. The Chained Consumer Price Index measures the cos t of living, factoring in a general downward shift in the STANDARD of living as consumers adjust to a rising cost of goods reflected in the shrinking dollar caused by inflation, caused by worthless money being dumped on our system. The Chained Consumer Price index no longer measures the cost of

Monday, June 17, 2013

Andersen Studio Kickstarter Diaries

SALEl Days during Sail Days at Andersen Studio Windjammer Days in Boothbay Harbor Maine is a festive Time. Take a trip down the road to East Boothbay and Ocean Point to stop by Andersen Studio and get a special 25% discount- OR use our coupon code online!
Ocean Point in the setting sun

Boothbay Harbor in June is the time of the spectacular Windjammer Days when a fleet of fully rigged windjammers sail into the picturesque harbor On June 25th & 26th

There will many festivities
,- music, parades, and places to dine but if you feel like getting away from the crowds, a drive down the winding road to East Boothbay and the stunny rocky coastline of  Ocean Point is a refreshing placet to commune with the water, air, earth, and sun.

Andersen Studio is about halfway point between the Harbor and Ocean Point, across from the Mill Pond- the image in our logo. you can't miss our big Blue & White sign!
Andersen Studio Road Sign

We are throwing another great sale for  Windjammers Days 25% off ENTIRE ORDER ! Firsts and Seconds Included ! For , our email list subscribers, we are starting the sale NOW! Through the 26th. You can use our promo code WindSale online or in the showroom just by mentioning it.

                        Ceramic Floating Gull Sculpture

This is a great sale on both first and seconds and you can order anything on our site but not every item is currently in stock and so we encourage you to call Elise at 1-855-350-4016 (TOLL FREE) or 207-350-4016 to get more information about what is in stock or production. 

While many items are ready to ship, some items have to be produced.

Please Use to contact us by email.